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Wes Bentley Net Worth

Wes Bentley Net Worth

Wesley Cook Bentley net worth, wiki & biography:

He was given birth in the town Jonesboro, which will be situated in Arkansas, United States of America. West Bentley attended Sherwoods Sylvan Hills High School which will be situated in Arkansas. He carried on to the play section of Julliard School in the year 1996 where he was a part of Group 29. He nevertheless failed to finish the school as he left after annually to begin his career in performing. Wes Bentley has played in lots of pictures including Ghost Rider, P2, The 4 Feathers and American Beauty that won Oscar awards. He was also an important area in My Big Break, a documentary which Tony Zierra directed. In the year 2007, Bentley was featured as Blackheart in the film Ghost Rider. He featured as the leading antagonist who was a demonic being. In the year 2012, he was chosen to act as Seneca Crane in the movie The Hunger Games. In exactly the same year, he also co acted with Vincent Piazza and Amber Tamblyn in a film directed by Gabriel Cowan. The picture which John Suits made was titled 3 Nights in the Desert. The 5th season that was titled Hotel viewed him feature as Detective John Lowe. Wes Bentley and his former wife celebrity Jennifer Quanz got married in the year 2001. They nevertheless got divorced in the year 2009 as an outcome of his drug addiction. He later got married to Jacqui Swedberg in the year 2010. The marriage resulted in the arrival of Charles (man) in the year 2010 and a Brooklyn (female) in the year 2014. According to him, as said in a article printed by the New York Times, his drug addiction began after his character in American Beauty that has been a success. He concealed the habit from his wife. He was detained in the year 2008 and began a 12-step program and counselling. He nevertheless continued to take heroin. He’s additionally being quoted to have said that he told a buddy about his drug addiction and that he wanted help. He began another 12-step program. Since that time, he’s prevented his drug addiction and is recuperating. He’s estimated to have a net worth of $1 million. His official twitter report is @wesbentley.

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