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Tom Laughlin Net Worth

Tom Laughlin Net Worth

Tom Laughlin net worth, wiki & biography:

Tom Laughlin Net Worth $5 Million

Tom Laughlin is an American director, performer, writer, producer, teacher and political activist with an estimated net worth of $5 million. He’s best known for the Billy Jack movies, which he co-produced and in. He’d a unique manner in boosting The Trial of Billy Jack through television previews during national news and an “opening day” nationwide release. It was an important influence on the way movies were promoted since then. Laughlin started his professional performing career using a character in the television series Climax. Since that time, he’s worked on jobs including Lafayette Escadrille, Tea and Symphony, and South Pacific. He also ventured into writing scripts and directing movies, which caused his permanent popularity in the market. In 1967, his movie Born Losers became a surprise success. Nevertheless, he confronted an illness in addition to legal problems that his works were substantially influenced. Tom Laughlin needed to leave his movie career. He began a Montessori preschool in Santa Monica, California which afterwards became the biggest of its own type in America. He became involved with psychology and national abuse counseling, along with writing several books on Jungian psychology and developing theories on what causes cancer.

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