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Timothy Busfield Net Worth

Timothy Busfield Net Worth

Timothy C. Busfield net worth, wiki & biography:

Timothy Busfield is an American director and performer who’s known for his roles in ‘thirty something’ as Elliot Weston. He married and divorced Radha Delamarter. He’s a son with her. In 1988, he married his second wife, Jennifer Merwin and has two kids with her. Then he got married to Melissa Gilbert in 2013, in California. The reason behind his separation from Jennifer after 19 years of union was irreconcilable differences. She requested spousal support, child support and the guardianship of the minor son. It’s presumed that Tim’s activities would happen to be the reason behind the divorce. In 1994, he was accused of physical harassment of a teenaged girl. She was an extra on the sets of his film, ‘Small big league’. It was said that he encouraged her into his trailer and gave her a few drinks. They both kissed and he requested her to get intimate with him, but, she refused it. She said that he could be married and has children. Tim replied that they left him a number of years ago and he said that he’s alone. She whined to the generation business, but, they fired her. This event occurred when he was married to Jennifer. She never commented on the activities of her husband. There were lots of similar cases that turned against him. These might be the reason behind his parting from Jen. It was a pricey separation that caused an important foreclosure. The date was going well and they began kissing. Subsequently, he began making improper moves against her permission. She told the authorities nearby, about the event and they began inquiring. This accusation against her boyfriend failed to matter for Mellisa. He dated his girlfriend, Melissa for a long time before they got engaged. Beyond all the known relationships and harassment news, they got married. His first separation from Radha isn’t known to people. The reason, parting resolution and other details are kept from the media. She never mentioned the relationship, parting and other issues with Tim to the media. Since both kept mute about the issues, the reason continues to be unknown. Though he was accused of having lots of relationships he was never was in an enchanting relationship. His relationship with his ex wives will not be known to people, till date.

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