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Stephen Harper Net Worth

Stephen Harper Net Worth

Stephen Harper net worth, wiki & biography:

Stephen Harper is the twenty second and current Prime Minister of Canada together with the leader of the Conservative Party. Stephen has an estimated net worth of $5 million that he got through his years in politics. Stephen became the prime minister when his party formed a minority government following the 2006 federal election. He is the first prime minister in the newly reconstituted Conservative Party following a merger of the Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance parties.

Stephen Harper Net Worth $5 Million

Born Stephen Joseph Harper on April 30, 1959 in Toronto, he’s the first of the three sons of Margaret Johnston and Joseph Harris Harper. Stephen attended North-lea Public School, John G. Althouse Middle School and Richview Collegiate Institute. Stephen became a member of Richview Collegiate’s team on Reach for the Top, a television quiz show for Canadian high school students. Stephen enrolled at the University of Toronto but dropped out after two months. He had post-secondary studies at the University of Calgary and he finished a bachelor’s degree in economics. Stephen returned and earned a master’s degree in economics in 1993.

Harper has been a Member of the Parliament (MP) for the riding of Calgary West n Alberta since 2002. Before that, Harper was the MP for Calgary West from 1993 to 1997. Harper was one of the founding members of Reform Party and has directed the National Citizens Coalition. Harper succeeded Stockwell Day as the leader of the Canadian Alliance (successor to the Reform Party) and returned to the parliament as Leader of the Opposition in 2002. Harper reached an agreement with Progressive Conservative leader Peter MacKay for the merger of the parties to form the Conservative Party of Canada. In March 2004, Harper was the party’s first elected non-interim leader.

Harper’s Conservative Party has won a stronger minority in the October 2008 federal election with 143 of 308 seats. The party won a majority government in the May 2011 federal election with 166 seats. It was the first since the 2000 election with an increase of 23 seats following the October 2008 election.

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