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Slavica Ecclestone Net Worth

How rich is Slavica Ecclestone?

Slavica Ecclestone Net Worth:
$1.2 Billion

Birth date: May 25, 1958
Birth place: Rijeka, Croatia
Height:6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Profession: Fashion Model, Businessperson
Nationality: Croatia
Spouse: Bernie Ecclestone (m. 1985–2009)
Children: Tamara Ecclestone, Petra Stunt
Parents: Jovan Radic, Ljubica Radic

Source: Wikipedia

Slavica Ecclestone net worth, wiki & biography:

She became famous after been recorded in the top most abundant divorcees group. She got split from her former husband, Bernie Ecclestone in 2008. Most of your family fortune was under her name when Bernie was getting his third bypass operation. This friendly divorce made Bernie keep 2/3rd of his bundle. She met Bernie in the pit. Bernie was upset to see a girl in the pit and requested her to go. She said that it’s her responsibility and she’d not. Bernie became furious and yelled, ‘Out!’. Slavica failed to understand that Bernie was her company and said that she’d kick him if he come near her. Slavica failed to believe him and requested the photographer, whether Bernie is in charge of Formula One. Tan was taking care of the chores in his house and was also dedicated to him. Afterwards, they spent a week in Vegas and that began their 25 years of journey. After the week, he came back to Tan and described his relationship with Slavica and said that she’s pregnant with his kid. Tan insisted he would be happy with her. Nevertheless, Bernie said that Slavica wouldn’t let him see his kid if they’re not wed. Slavica again blackmailed him when he will not live in London, she’d move away from him with his daughter. The union was organized without the celebration or pictures. He didn’t desire to get married but, needed to be around his daughter. He said to his new wife to take a taxi and go home. She smashed his ordinary life and changed everything around him. He began to spend a lot to make her happy. She never was a partner that Bernie needed. She used to make his daughters blow off his birthdays and was quite upset when his daughter from his first married life, Debbie came to see. She prohibited him from attending his mother’s funeral because Debbie was in the church. There were lots of incidents where Slavica would verbally curse him in front of all. She used to yell at him even before her daughter’s fianc. After reaching 50, her rage doubled. She said that she cannot live with a workaholic and she needs to go. They attempted reconciliation, but it failed to work and therefore, the relationship ended in separation, making Bernie free and Slavica, a billionaire.

Is Slavica Ecclestone's Net Worth Deserved?

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