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Silvio Berlusconi Net Worth

Silvio Berlusconi Net Worth

How rich is Silvio Berlusconi?

Silvio Berlusconi Net Worth:
$8.5 Billion

Birth date: September 29, 1936
Birth place: Milan, Italy
Height:5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)
Profession: Politician, Businessperson, Entrepreneur, Media proprietor, Film Producer
Education: University of Milan
Nationality: Italy
Partner: Francesca Pascale (2012–)
Spouse: Veronica Lario (m. 1990–2013), Carla Elvira Dall'Oglio (m. 1965–1985)
Children: Barbara Berlusconi, Pier Silvio Berlusconi, Marina Berlusconi, Eleonora Berlusconi, Luigi Berlusconi
Parents: Luigi Berlusconi, Rosa Bossi
Siblings: Paolo Berlusconi, Maria Francesca Antonietta Berlusconi
Awards: International Emmy Award for Directorate
Movies: To Want to Fly, Mediterraneo

Silvio Berlusconi net worth, wiki & biography:

Silvio Berlusconi, among Italy’s wealthiest guys is likewise one of Italy’s longest serving post-war prime ministers and its earliest playboy who continues to capture headlines in Italy at 76 years old.

Silvio Berlusconi Net Worth $9 Billion

His rise to the positions of Italy’s super-elite is one worthy of a Hollywood screenplay. Born into a lower middle class family, the flexible Berlusconi studied law in Milan and worked as a singer on cruise ships and nightclubs. Guaranteeing a modest loan from An area bank he oversaw the building of small scale endeavors in the town of Milan and afterwards constructed Milano 2 the first condominium community on the outskirts of Milan. It was in Milano Due, a residential area for families of the upper centre class with children that Berlusconi launched his first television stating, Tele Milano which later evolved into Canale 5 available nation wide. Berlusconi’s media conglomerate rose early on when his television stations such as common trait on Italian television nowadays. For many, it was the beginning of a new Age in Italian television. In addition, it solidified Berlusconi’s position as a media tycoon. In 1986, Berlusconi bought the virtually defunct AC Milan football Club and transformed the team into what would become the first European powerhouse adding substantial local and foreign players to its roster under Berlusconi’s possession would win more international silverware than any other club on earth.

Berlusconi’s Fininvest holding group founded in this time is currently composed of a amount significant companies including Medio-lanum an insurance and banking Firm, film production company Medusa, Mondari Italy’s leading publishing house and Ac Milan. One its greatest assets is Mediaset which stays the biggest private entertainment adversary in Italy. In 1993 Berlusconi entered the political arena running for Prime Minister under his recently formed political party Forza Italy (Go Italy). His on again off again reign continues to this day where he lately re entered the election race. Berlusconi has 5 Children from two marriages 3 of which occupy important places within Fininvest a day or 3 million euros monthly in alimony. The exact same month 76 year old Berlusconi declared he was becoming engaged to 27 year old Francesca Pascale a television performer turned politician. Beachfront property in among the most lavish destinations on earth Costa Esmeralda in Sardinia. It contains three villas, a total of 26 bedrooms, seven swimming pools, a lake and an artificial volcano. In addition, it includes an underground Cavern, complete having an emergency escape way out to the sea. As of 2012, Forbes magazine reported that Berlusconi was Italy’s sixth wealthiest man, sitting behind Michele Ferrero well-known for brands like Nutella and Kinder as well as Trend Mogul Giorgio Armani.

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