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Seimone Augustus Net Worth

She’s been among the biggest stars in the sport of basketball. Only at that age she’s already been really successful and more is yet to come in her amazing profession. She’s quite tall as she’s a height of 6 feet 1 inch that’s around 1.85 meters. She’s now playing for Minnesota Lynx and Dynamo Kursk and has been quite successful as well as in top form in her game. Individuals can read about her and her biography from wiki websites like Wikipedia. She’s popular in social media sites at the same time and mainly in Facebook and Twitter. She’s a total of 53879 enjoys in her official Facebook fan page which reveals her popularity and recognition. She uses her private FB account to share her feelings and beliefs together with her lovers and nearest and dearest. She’s popular in Twitter also as she’s 38.6 thousand followers in the website. She tweets to deal with her supporters and admirers. She’s active in Instagram additionally as she uploads her latest & most recent images and shares them with her lovers.

She’s not interested in guys and is a lesbian. So there’s no chance of her having a boyfriend, relationship using a guy or a husband and she’ll never be dating a guys. She’s deeply in love together with her girlfriend and her future wife LaTaya Varner as she’s made plans to get married already. Their love is quite real also it will not look like they’ll ever proceed through the procedure for divorce. She openly accepting that she’s homosexual or lesbian is a very brave move to make and hats off to her for that. She’s quite hot though and she’s got an excellent body but guys have become unlucky as she’s a lesbian.

She’s been really successful in her profession and that’s made her financially very sound. She gets paid an extremely strong wages which improves her net worth every year. She’s played for large team already and has impressed everyone with her match. She’s been playing to get a WNBA team called Minnesota Lynx from the year 2006 and she look quite true to the team. She also played for WBC Spartak Mosow Region in the year 2011 to 2012. She’s now playing for Dynamo Kursk which she joined in the year 2013. She was given with the honour of WNBA Most Valuable Player in the finals of 2011. These all awards and decorations reveal her worth to the sport and more is yet to come.

Is Seimone Augustus's Net Worth Deserved?

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