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Scott Boilen Net Worth

How rich is Scott Boilen?

Scott Boilen Net Worth:
$200 Million

Source: Wikipedia

Scott is likewise the guy behind The Snuggie which was founded in 2008 and is considered to be a ridiculous idea. It really is a sleeved and body-length blanket that’s usually made of fleece or Vellux material. Its layout is comparable to a bathrobe that’s meant to be worn back. It’s been promoted in different brands like the Snuggie, Snuggler, Doojo, Toastly Wrap, and Slanket. During its first year, The Snuggie had sold 20 million items. With more powerful advertising, the “rage of Snuggie” blanket with sleeves generated close to $40 million in its first three months. Jay Leno, Whoopie Goldberg and Ellen DeGeneres are among those that featured the merchandise on their shows. The merchandise has been ridiculously popular and this generated Snuggie pub crawls, YouTube Snuggie mockery clips along with a lot of gag gifts.

Scott Boilen Net Worth $200 Million

Is Scott Boilen's Net Worth Deserved?

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