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Royce Reed Net Worth

Royce Reed Net Worth

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How rich is Royce Lyndsay Reed

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Royce Lyndsay Reed

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$1.5 Million

Profession: Entrepreneur, Actor, Dancer
Nationality: American
Children: Braylon Howard
Siblings: Ryan Reed
TV shows: Basketball Wives

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Basketball Wives has become VH1’s highest rated show. The cast is set featuring several fiancees, wives and ex wives of NBA sportsmen that are retired in the league. The show started debuting it is fifth season without several cast members including Royce Reed. Despite her positive spunky character she’s become among the very despised cast members in the show history. It had been said that VH1’s part in the show was declining along with her relationship with all the other stars.

Royce Reed Net Worth $1.5 Million

Royce had additionally brought in $30K per reunion show over 4 season. VH1 also released a publication called ” College Girls” and started an off Broadway performing career. However, their love would not continue long soon after the Royce got pregnant the couple found him cheating on her with another Orlando Magic dancer which led to the conclusion of the relationship. Dwight was forced to cover Royce over $40K a month in child support for his or her son. Howard won a defamation ruling against Reed in 2010, when a Florida judge ruled that she violated a court order forbidding her from mentioning him in the media.

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