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Robert Gore Net Worth

Robert Gore Net Worth

American engineer and scientist Robert Gore is the co-inventor of Gore Tex and he’s got an estimated net worth of $830 million. As well as his dad, Bill Gore, he devised Gore-Tex, a waterproof/breathable material made from polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE). Robert W. Gore was born on April 15, 1937 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He subsequently finished his graduate studies in the University of Minnesota with an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. In 1958, his dad founded W.L. Gore & Associates, a firm that specializes in production flouropolymers. In 1969, Bob Gore stretched warmed rods of PTFE and created expanded PTFE. This gave birth to the patented and assigned Gore Tex brand name. Between 1976 and 2000, Robert served as the President of W.L. Gore & Associates. He could be the current Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Robert Gore Net Worth $830 Million

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