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Robert Baer Net Worth

How rich is Robert Booker Baer?

Robert Booker Baer Net Worth:
Under Review

Birth date: July 1, 1952
Birth place: Aspen, Colorado, USA
Profession: Writer, Actor, Miscellaneous Crew
Nationality: American

Source: Wikipedia

Robert Booker Baer net worth, wiki & biography:

Robert Baer is a former CIA operative and is at present an important contributor for CNN. He’s also an analyzer for CIA. He was interested in taking up skiing as an expert vocation. Most of his childhood years were spent in Europe. He graduated in the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. George Tenet, CIA director was his classmate there. He entered CIA after his graduation. He experienced one year training that included foreign language classes and a paramilitary class. He’s close understanding of Middle East area and the erstwhile Republics of Soviet Union as a result of his deployment as covert policeman over there. According to him, CIA handled the terrorism suspects either by sending them to Jordan, if it needed to torture them or to Egypt, if they were to vanish forever. He leave CIA in the year 1997 after twenty one years of service. Since that time, he’s involved himself in writing and consultancy work. He could be also an important contributor to CNN. Robert Baer, in recognition of his service at CIA that crossed over two decades, received the Career Intelligence Medal from CIA in the year 1998. He’s also a staunch supporter for the Agencys recruiting of representatives to enhance its Human Intelligence (HUMINT). He’s authored many publications. The Academy Award winning film Syriana was based on his novels ‘Sleeping with the Devil and ‘See No Evil. During the Gulf War, Baer was delegated to coordinate resistance to President Saddam Hussein, but was called back and questioned by the FBI for conspiracy against the Iraqi leader. Robert Baer constantly held the view the Pan Am Flight 103 was sabotaged by the PFLP-GC, but now he considers Iran was the prime cause for the action of bombing.

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