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Rickey Smiley Net Worth

Rickey Smiley Net Worth

Rickey Smiley net worth, wiki & biography:

Field- Stand-up Comedian, Television host, Celebrity, Blogger and Radio personality. Rickey Smiley promises to celebrity prank phone calls. He’s popularly known for getting millions laugh for over 25 years. Rickey led the show to its best leap in standings in the show’s ten-year history. He’s created himself as a clean comic by not using any profanity or sexual innuendo in his shows, so appealing to audiences of ages. As stated by the sources, Comic Rickey Smiley was hailed as “among the funniest people in America” by Jamie Jackson Lambert of the New Pittsburgh Courier.

Rickey Smiley Net Worth $2.5 Million

Smiley was born in Birmingham, Alabama, Usa, in the year 1970, January 1 to be exact. Smiley faced several adversities in his early life. At age 6, Ricky lost his father (shot to departure). Since then his mom leaned on her extended family to help raise Smiley. His grandpa had talk with him on virtually every subject.

The entertainer Rickey Smiley can also be an associate of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity and the Kappa Psi National Band fraternity. These fraternities are known for telling the crowd of his membership in his actions. Besides these matters, himself can also be a pianist and organist which he regularly plays on his shows as well as in church.

Smiley jointly with experienced TV producer/manager Roger Bobb created The Rickey Smiley Show, a sitcom starring Smiley as a comic in 2004. The show is a situation comedy centered on his life, the efforts he’d taken to raise his kids. “The Rickey Smiley Show” is among the most amusing & most powerful morning shows in America. The show features the hallmark prank calls, along with news, advice and the most recent hip hop music. Moreover, he also uses live groups in his shows. Besides these two shows, Rickey appeared in various other shows including “Showtime at the Apollo”, HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam” and “Snapshots”, “Comic Escape”, “The Nashville Network”, and additionally “Uptown Comedy Club”. Rickey copies individuals who he grew up understanding, like 90-year old Sister Bernice Jenkins, Trainer McClainy and Lil Darrl.

Besides these, smiley in addition has released several funny songs based on his bits, like “Roll Tide” and “We Miss Robert”. Some of Smiley’s most famous calls contain:

* “Buried Alive” — Smiley plays a narcoleptic who works at a funeral home and “fell asleep in one among these coffins” who calls a graveyard asserting that “they done entombed me alive” and insists he’s calling from inside a coffin on his cell phone. Using his “Granny” voice again, Smiley calls “Miss Ola Mae Benton Carter Jackson Glenn”, and asks his girlfriend to pray for a person in her church, who’d been:
* “Uncle Melvin”
* stabbed
* involved within an ambulance crash
* hit by a train
Smiley subsequently gets the girl to guide the jaws in several verses of “Walk With Me, Lord”, each poetry growing in silliness.

* “She P-E-E-D” — Smiley prank calls an aged girl using his “Granny” voice; the wake of the call causes the girl to laugh so hard that she ends up urinating on herself.
Smiley has released six records of his prank calls till now. His prank are:
* Rickey Smiley: Prank Calls Vol. II
* Rickey Smiley: Vol. III
* Rickey Smiley: Vol. V
* Rickey Smiley: Vol. 6

Smiley is a proud daddy of 10 youngsters, two of these are biological children and the remainder are adopted children. 10 Kids all live in Birmingham. He sees 10 kids every weekend.

“I need folks to leave my show understanding that I am more than humor…. I would like to give people something to consider,” Smiley told Lambert.
“All my characters are genuine, and people still visit my house church. Lil Darrl is actual. I need everybody to understand that. He is actual.

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