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India's ruling Congress party General Secretary Rahul Gandhi gestures as he speaks to the press outside his residence in New Delhi on March 6, 2012. Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party politician seen as India's prime-minister-in-waiting, accepted responsibility for poor results in state elections in which he had led campaigning. AFP PHOTO/ SAJJAD HUSSAIN (Photo credit should read SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Rahul Gandhi Net Worth

How rich is Rahul Gandhi?

Rahul Gandhi net worth is
$100 Million

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Rahul Gandhi Net Worth, Biography & Wiki 2017

Rahul Gandhi Net Worth $500,000

He could be the baby faced leader to some of the most influential political organisations to India and was a nominee for the 2014 elections of the Indian Prime Minister. Rahul is the son of the Congress President Sonia Gandhi And Rajiv Gandhi who was a dominant member of Indian politics. His grandmother Indira Gandhi and dad Rajiv Gandhi were assassinated throughout their tenure as prime minister. Since he joint politics he has been presented to the country as a leader to the youth faction of the political campaign. But Indira has not successfully obtained a footing with the masses even now. While some may regard him as a great nominee many believe like he is just not ideal for that kind of duty.

Date Of Birth: June 19, 1970. Parents: Sonia Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi. While Politics is just not considered to be among the cleanser professions in our country many believe Rahul to be a fairly honest guy, but no one truly understands what happens behind closed doors so there might be no solution to confirm.

Rahul is a part of the Indian parliament and the salary for that post is close to about 20,000 per month which doesn’t explain how his values increased so substantially over the past couple of years. His listed assets in 2003 was about 22 lakhs but it multiplied tenfold by 2008 making people wonder what did he learn that makes money multiply that way. Among the fascinating part about Rahul Gandhi is that he don’t own any automobile. Rahul had made some interesting purchases in the past one being a storyline n Haryana where the amount was undisclosed but estimated to be around 28 Lakhs, while the second being 2 shops for 1.3 crore in the metropolitan area of Delhi. There was also a farm house of 4,600 acre purchased and valued at just 10 lakhs in 2009. While He doesn’t own a car he travels around in the automobiles supplied by the Congress party that is bullet proof and value about 40 lakhs per automobile.

Rahul Gandhi is one of the following generation of Indian politicians and has a good track record so far. So there’s certainly a lot a lot more to monitor in the line of Indian politics.

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Rahul Gandhi Quick Facts

Birth date: 1970-06-19
Birth place: New Delhi, India
Height:1.71 m
Profession:Assistant Director, Music Department
Education:Trinity College, Cambridge
Parents:Sonia Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi
Siblings:Priyanka Gandhi
Awards:CNN-IBN Indian of the Year in Politics

Rahul Gandhi Filmography

Assistant Director

Assistant Director

Revolver Rani2014associate director

Music Department

Music Department

Revolver Rani2014playback singer

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