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Rachel Dolezal Net Worth

Rachel Dolezal who’s an American civil rights activist was created on 12th November of the year 1977. She’s the native of Lincoln County, Montana. Moreover, she also comes with an elder brother who’s named as Joshua. She attended the Jackson, Mississippi for her school and received a Bachelor’s degree in the Belhaven University in 2000. She also earned a master of fine arts degree in the Howard University in 2002.

Along with that, she’s in addition the chair of office of the police ombudsman commission in the Spokane. She’s been a part-time teacher in Africana Education Program in the Eastern Washington University since 2007. There, she educates The Black Woman’s Battle, African History, African and African American Art History, Intro to Africana Studies along with African American Culture.

To discuss her private life biography, Rachel has wed as well as divorced also. She was wed to her ex husband Kevin Moore who’s an African American guy and he was a medical student in the Howard University. She also has one kid, a son jointly with Moore.

Besides that, Rachel has reached in the age of 37 and of American nationality. Rachel has recorded Africa dancing along with ethnic hair styling as another encounter of her. For additional information about her and her livelihood in politics she can likewise be followed in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Is Rachel Dolezal's Net Worth Deserved?

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