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Phillip Soven Net Worth

Phillip Soven Net Worth

How rich is Phillip Soven?

Phillip Soven Net Worth:
$500 Thousand

Profession: Actor

Source: Wikipedia

Phillip Soven Net Worth $500 Thousand

Also referred to as the “Ice Man” to his fellow opponents, he’s been a professional longer than the majority of the pros in the business nowadays. He is just 23 years old and he became a professional wake-boarder in the age of 11. Since he joined, he was already celebrated as a killer on the beginning dock of any contest. He’s virtually won every important contest in wake-boarding. Phil Soven has won twice in the world championships, the King of Aftermath as well as the Pro Tour. In 2007, he became the very first rider in history to win each of the prizes in the same years: the Pro World title, the King of Aftermath title, as well as the WWA World Series title. He’s certainly one of the most technically computed riders in the world which makes him the perfect addition to the ARMA toolbox of athletes. Phillip has a number of endorsement deals. He’s got also found a series of successful business ventures. Phillip lives a lavish life in a big house from the private lake. The show follows both the private and professional lives of wake boarding sibling celebs, Phil and Bob. It started airing in August 2010.

Is Phillip Soven's Net Worth Deserved?

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