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Pamela Smart Net Worth

She’s the native of Coral Gables, Florida. Although she’s famous by the name Pamela Ann Wojas, her actual name is Pamela Ann Wojas.

On the day of the homicide, Pamela came home from her work assembly to locate your condominium ransacked as well as the killer of her husband. Authorities officials had said the crime scene looked like disrupted burglary. Flynn did that using the aid of his buddy named Patrick Randall, Vance J.R Lattime Jr., and Taymond Fowler.

On 1st August of 1990, detective Daniel Palletier entered in work of Smart and he explained to her that there’s some great news along with awful news. Among that, the great news was that the murder of her husband was solved as well as the awful news was that Pamela was under arrest. She was detained for first degree murder. Her trial was broadly viewed and also garnered significant interest of the media. Now, she’s serving life sentence in the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for the Women that will be a maximum security penitentiary situated in Westchester County, Ny.

Besides that, Pamela has reached in the age of 47. The story of her life in addition has been featured in the 1991 TV movie which will be titled as Homicide in Hampshire: The Pamela Wojas Smart Story. It had been released on 24th September of 1991. Now

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