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Pamela Geller Net Worth

Pamela Geller is a well-known American Political Activist as well as a commentator. She’s an extremely well-known girl as she’s best known for her anti Islamic positions as well as resistance to Islamic actions and lots of instances. She’s an extremely hard working person and with such as the planned building of the Islamic Community center near the previous site of the world trade centre.

She’s made her perspective as anti Islamic which in other word is named Islamophobic. She’s also called a Critic of Radical Islam as well as as a Self described as opposing political Islam. Currently she’s the president of the American Liberty Shield initiative which she co founded with Robert Spencer. Talking about her bio as well as other things she’s initially from Hawlett Harbor that is situated in the New York in the United States and she’s just turned age 56 and is working in the work she’s involved her since a early time. Her other name is Pamela Oshry and her principal profession is Political Activist as well as as a commentator and former paper editor.

It’s said she went to reside with her parents but truth is still not seen. She’s thousands of twitter followers and additionally has website and video of herself.

Is Pamela Geller's Net Worth Deserved?

  • VB4ever

    The writing in this “report” is of such poor quality, that I seriously doubt the veracity of the opinion given of Pamelaborate Geller. I just heard her interviewed, and would call her “pro-Israel” versus Islamophobic. That seems to be a label thrown out by the Left when they don’t have valid criticism.

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