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Nick Popovich Net Worth

How rich is Nick Popovich?

Nick Popovich Net Worth:
$3 Million

Profession: Producer, Actor

Source: Wikipedia

Nick Popovich Net Worth $2 Million

A Guide to Airplanes

American plane repossessor Nick Popovich has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He has earned his net worth through repossessing commercial aircraft, business jets and choppers. His job would be to collect airplanes from those who have fallen behind on their payments. He has been working in the global market for the previous 30 years and is recognized as a true expert of the aviation industry. He has been involved with every stage of aircraft repossession, from handling the overall endeavors to sitting on the pilot seat himself.

Mr. Popovich is the creator of Sage-Popovich, Inc., a business dedicated to plane repossession based in Indiana. He has an estimated 1,500 repossessions conducted through the years and has experienced various range of risks while he was trying to accumulate airplanes for the banks that hired him. He’d been through firearms pointed at him several times. He even spent a week at a Haiti prison while he was trying to accumulate a plane throughout the important political upheaveal.

Popovich has been featured on Plane Repo, a show on the Discovery Channel, along with his fellow repossessor Ken Hill.

Is Nick Popovich's Net Worth Deserved?

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