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Miss Kay Marsha Robertson Net Worth

Miss Kay Marsha Robertson Net Worth

Miss Kay is adored by everyone but Willie the businessman and most professional of your family is not any doubt the Momma’s son based on her. But the difference in Willie growing up was the other sons all pay attention for their dad but Willie went to his mother for guidance and followed her authority more. Willie was constantly in tune with looking out for his mom growing up. Willie even recently purchased his mom a goat on a random excursion. Phil his mom’s husband describes her as a kind gentle woman. They are dating since his mom was 14 and he was 16 and he never loved another girl but her.

Miss Kay Marsha Robertson Net Worth $2 Million

His mom’s motto “Bring home the game or you are not a guy.” Phil says his mom cooks better than his mother ever did. Miss Kay uses her cooking abilities to maintain the lads in line. Miss Kay has even been known to cook meals for your area. Miss Kay’s favorite is cooking goat, squirrel and beloved which she considers have much more flavor than chicken.

Is Miss Kay Marsha Robertson's Net Worth Deserved?

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