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Mir Osman Ali Khan Net Worth

Mir Osman Ali Khan Net Worth

Mir Osman Ali Khan Net Worth $230 Billion

Mir Osman Ali Khan succeeded as Nizam of Hyderabad upon the passing of his father in 1911. He was the absolute ruler of the principality. Nizam’s budget focused on instruction. He contributed to lots of educational institution including Jamia Nizamia, the Darul Uloom Deoband, Banaras Hindu University and Aligarh Muslim University. In 1941, he created his own bank, the Hyderabad State Bank wherein the money of the state called Osmania sikka. In 1947, the Nizam made a present of diamond jewels, including a tiara and necklace, to Princess Elizabethon the event of her union. Subsequently, during Indian independence in 1947, India was partition into spiritual lines. The Nizam refused to join either India or Pakistan, choosing to form a different kingdom within the British Commonwealth of nations. He’s seven wives and 42 concubines. He died on February 24, 1967 in King Kothi Palace.

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