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Michelle Rodriguez Net Worth

Michelle Rodriguez Net Worth

Michelle Rodriguez net worth, wiki & biography:

Michelle Rodriguez Net Worth $34 Million

She has made a mark for herself and with an estimated worth of $34 Million. Belonging to some family of ten siblings and half-sibs, Michelle was brought up by a pious grandmother. She has analyzed Business and later answered her true calling and joined playing. Starting off with Girlfight, a low budget film in 2000, she went to act in a number of films including S.W.A.T, Resident Evil, Blue Crush and many more.

Michelle earned her wealth and recognition from her outstanding performances where she’s been accurate to her typecast of the tough girl image. Audiences can easily relate to Michelle’s flamboyant nature as she plays employees of the police or armed forces. Michelle also feels that she can quite casually impersonate this butch and hard part on screen as her real self is quite much exactly the same. Rodriguez continues to be contained in the list of the “102 Sexiest Women in the world” from the Stuff Magazine and also in the “100 Sexiest Women” list by the Maxim Magazine.

Michelle Rodriguez isn’t without controversies. Michelle called off her engagement when her partner asked her to convert as a wedding favour. Considered as a lesbian, Michelle also needed to recommend that she is definitely straight but experimented with both orientations. The lesbian was once taken into detention for mistreating her roommate, and later too again in 2003 for the charge of rash and careless driving.

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