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Michael Phelps Net Worth

Michael Phelps Net Worth

Michael Phelps net worth, wiki & biography:

As one of the most outstanding professional swimmer, there are a lot of companies who endorsed Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps even named a the most richest retired swimmer in America that earn much money not only from bonus and salary a the athlete but also plenty much from the endorsement too. Michael Phelps’ agents Peter Carlisle, revealed that his client could earn more than $100 million from the endorsement only. Some companies that endorsed Phelps such as Speedo USA, Visa Inc., Kellogg Co., Rosetta Stone Ltd., PureSport, Nike, Head & Shoulders and many more.

Michael Phelps Net Worth $55 Million

After the summer Olympic in 2008, Philips reported receiving about $million from the endorsement deal. Michael Fred Phelps II is retired American swimmer who was born in Towson, Maryland on June 30, 1985. At the age of seven, Phelps has begun the swimming practice under the instruction of his dad. At the age of ten, Phelps began to practice more professionally by joining the North Baltimore Aquatic Club under coach Bob Bowman. At the age of 15, Phelps break the record by qualifying for the 2000 Summer Olympics and the latter finished fifth in the 200-meter butterfly. Again, Phelps broke the record as the youngest American swimmer when joining 2002 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships, in Fort Lauderdale and won the 200-meter butterfly. In 2003, Phelps then asked to joining 2003 World Aquatics Championships and won four gold medals in a row. But Phelps really makes people impressed after he won eight medals in rows while joining 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China. No wonder after that Michael Phelps then endorsed by several companies till he retired in 2008 due the drugs and doping case. Many people said that even ha been retired, Michael Pehlps still named a sthe richest American swimmer all the time. Despite paying much from endorsements, this man also received about $100,000 just for appearing at showbiz party or demonstrated swimming in some laps. And after the summer Olympic in Beijing, Michaels Phelps said that his endorsement payment was increased to $6 million from each company.

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