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Michael Jordan Net Worth

Michael Jordan Net Worth

Michael Jordan net worth, wiki & biography:

Michael Jordan as we understand him is thought to be the greatest player ever to have played the game of basketball, known for his remarkable abilities , finesse and charming control over the ball he’s the god of basketball and a star exceptionally worshiped in the NBA. He also played for McDonalds All American Team and NCAA All American Team before joining Chicago Bulls of the NBA. Michael Jordan was also part of the Dream Team that played in the Olympics. Post NBA Brand JORDAN still sells.

Michael Jordan Net Worth $1 Billion

Salary history in NBA:
84-85 Chicago Bulls $550,000
85-86 Chicago Bulls $630,000
86-87 Chicago Bulls $737,500
87-88 Chicago Bulls $845,000
88-89 Chicago Bulls $2 million
89-90 Chicago Bulls $2.25 million
90-91 Chicago Bulls $2.5 million
91-92 Chicago Bulls $3.25 million
92-93 Chicago Bulls $4 million
93-94 Chicago Bulls $4 million
94-95 Chicago Bulls $3.85 million
95-96 Chicago Bulls $3.85 million
96-97 Chicago Bulls $30.14 million
97-98 Chicago Bulls $33.14 million
0102 Washington Wizards $1 million
Profession Total: $93.7 million

O’kay so the billion dollar question about the million dollar guy how does the guy who retired from professional basketball a decade back fill his money bags? So the solution is this basketball maverick brings in $ 80 million through sanctions alone and now most of his fortune derives from these signings. Michael Jordan possibly made his greatest financial choice when he signed the money-making deal with Nike to support it and that resulted in the creation of the most famous athletic shoes in the history AIR JORDAN which commands over 58% of basketball shoe marketplace now and makes over $2.5 billion through its yearly revenues, thanks to his Nike Jordan brand royalty he brings in $60 million of his $80 million only through Nike. As this isn’t enough he also possesses an 80% position in a NBA team Charlotte Bobcats. Michal Jordan is a watch freak and his group contains the well-known two-tone Rolex Date only costing $ 2950 and the Chronograph wristwatch Toywatch that he normally wears. Private life among the priciest Divorces. This divorce between both is always rated as being among the greatest resolutions in the history. Quotations: I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. I’ve neglected over and over and over again in my own life. Which is why I succeed.

Is Michael Jordan's Net Worth Deserved?

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