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Melisandre Net Worth

Games of Thrones as it appears has been criticized and valued both in once. Say Winter is arriving and the very first thing in your head is Game of Thrones!

The nighttime is dark and filled with horrors…but the fire burns them all away is the anthem of bio of a character named Melisandre, more famously called The Red Woman. Carice Van Houten debuts in the season 2 of Game of Thrones first episode The North Recalls as Melisandre, the priestess of the Lord of Light as well as a close adviser to Stannis Baratheon. Melisandre plays a crucial character in the seasons following two, three, four, five and six.

She’s considered to possess strong magical abilities, particularly the power of prophecy or so she asserts. She’s defined by a sizable ruby necklace that she wears and appears to glow whenever she performs any magic.

With well-known lines as “Passing by fire is the purest kind of departure, There’s only one hell, princess. The one we reside in now, You understand nothing, John Snow”, she’s lost many lives for the cause of her god than any characters in the show.

Is Melisandre's Net Worth Deserved?

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