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Matthew Chance Net Worth

Matthew Chance Net Worth

How rich is Matthew Chance?

Matthew Chance Net Worth:
Under Review

Birth date: 1970-01-01
Profession: Actor

Source: Wikipedia

Matthew Chance net worth, wiki & biography:

Matthew Chance is the senior international correspondent of CNN based in London. He’s done extensive coverage on vital reports all around the globe, particularly the Middle East, Europe, Russia, Far East, and Afghanistan. Chance is a British national born in the year 1970. He’s and has a daughter Anna Chance who’s seven years of age. Chance worked initially as a broadcast journalist at BBC World Service and afterwards began working as freelance journalist reporting on reports from Bangkok, Sri Lanka, and London from 1996 to 2001. He afterwards joined CNN in the year 2001. He’s been the international correspondent of CNN based in London for almost twelve years. He replaced Steve Harrigan, when he leave CNN to work for Fox News Channel and while he was on duty in Northern Afghanistan. He was among the first to report on the capture of Kabul by Northern Alliance Forces and additionally reported widely on the consequences of Taliban rule in the state. He also reported on the hostage situation at Moscow theatre in 2002. He’s also done indepth coverage on the Iraq War and its consequences, and the Israeli Palestine conflict. In August 2011, Matthew Chance was held as hostage as well as a couple of other journalists by Libyan Leader Colonel Gaddafi in Tripoli at the Rixos al Nasr resort. He conveyed through twitter all through his captivity and reported live, when he and the remainder were saved by the Red Cross International Committee. Chance spent six years in Moscow bureau of CNN, before settling in London. He’s also reported the 2005 Pakistan Earthquake, the Ossetia war in 2008, and was among the first reporters based in Moscow to have interviewed Vladimir Putin, the Russian Prime Minister.

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