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Mase Net Worth

Mase Net Worth

How rich is Mase?

Mase Net Worth:
$8 Million

Birth date: August 27, 1977
Birth place: Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Height:5 ft 9 in (1.765 m)
Profession: Musician, Rapper, Songwriter, Actor, Pastor
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Twyla Betha (m. 2001–2014)
Music groups: The Harlem World, Children of the Corn

Mase net worth, wiki & biography:

Mase was born on 27 August 1977. Mase was born in Jacksonvill, Florida. Mase featured on the record, Life after Death, of the infamous ‘The Notorious B.I.G. Mase featured on the track- ‘Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems’. It was the biggest hit of the record. After Biggie’s departure, Mase was the prime face of Bad Boy Records. He’s known for his laid back and slow rappingflow. His actual name is Mason Durell Betha. Mase was born in Florida and moved to The Big Apple at age 5. In 1993, he began performing as ‘Homicide Mase’ in a rap group called- Kids of theCorn.

Mase Net Worth $16 Million

Mase was subsequently introduced to the well-known Hip Hop producer, Puff Daddy. ‘Feel so great’, ‘What you need’, and ‘Lookin’ at me’. It featured many artists including Jay Z and Puff Daddy. ‘Feel so great’ was rated at 67 in the list of the 100 best hip hop songs by VH1. Mase released his second record in 1999. Double Upward sold about 1,07,000 copies in its first week. It debuted at #11 on the Billboard charts and achieved a #5 standing afterwards. The information of the record was more competitive in relation to the former. Afterwards, Mase declared in a radio station he would retiring rom rap music. Mase said it was a call from God. It was given a gold standing by the RIIA selling 5,59,000 copies. He toured alongwith 50 Cents, G Unit. But the singles soon parted ways due to creative differences. Mase said that Michael Jackson’s departure has ignited a fire in him and needs a pursue a music career shortly. Mase featured in many tracks and mix tapes next. Additionally, he is been in discussions with Diddy to start a brand new record under the Bad Boy records. In December 2012, Mase declare he would be releasing a brand new-record named, Now we even. The record would contain guest appearances by Drake, Jay Z, 2 Chainz, Diddy, Beyonc Knowles, fantastic, and Ceelo green, Dipset and Meek Factory. Mase has been wed to Twyla Betha and he heads a worldwide ministry as a pastor. Known for his slow floe, Mase is among the most amazing MCs in the match. Mase built his profession at age 19 and ever since had a successful rap career. His contribution to the match continues to be quite special.

“And I cool just how you met me With a jet ski attached to some SE Smoke my Nestle, no crazy rap-ass cat, where my check be? Trouble with y’all I say it directly.

“You miserable and I could see it when you cry You look like your life has only been minimized I ain’t your guy, I am your guy on the side You only call me when you want to slip. And in case you ever feel like you wanna creep All you gotta do is simply give me a beep Only means I will not call you back, ‘less I am asleep Gettin’ my cash or layin’ it wit’ a bit.”

Mase has a net worth of $ 16 Million and his supply of income is music. He’s released a couple of successful records and has garnered a bundle through them. He’s regarded as a great rap artist. His stream has inspired many rappers in the match. His net worth is an result of sheereffort and commitment.

“And MASE do n’t need you rock in them materials. Girl, I’ll give you karats till you feel you a bunny. Anything in your course, you need you can have. Walk through the mall, if you enjoy it it is possible to catch. Total it all up and place it on my tab. And then tell your friends all the pleasure you had”

“Mansion not listed, y’all got me twisted Just youthful lads store at the district I hop from large matters, rugged wristed Now everybody believing I am national Uh, grown mine, I should chrome mine Y’all go let, I must possess mine I remain so fresh I want my own line So if cash required I need a hundred for mine.”

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