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Maria Celeste Arraras Net Worth

She’s among the seven kids of Jose Enrique Arraras who’s a politician, sports leader, attorney and an teacher at the same time. Like her multi-gifted dad, Maria Celeste Arraras can also be a journalist, performer, writer, as well as the host and producer of Spanish language news program Al Rojo Vivo.

Arraras is a great swimmer during youth. She’s won three medals in the Central American and Caribbean Swimming Championships in 1971. Yet as a result of her sickness due to infectious mononucleosis, she was not able to compete in the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Arraras can also be a beauty with brains. While she was 18, she’d represented Mayaquez in the Miss Puerto Rico pageant where she was first runner up.

Maria Cleleste Arraras started her career as a reporter at Puerto Rican television station Canal 24. In Univision network, she was co-anchorman to Myrka Dellanos until 2002.

Maria is a judge for the Miss Universe pageant in 2003 and 2006. She’s hosted Today Show on NBC for a lot of times in 2006 and 2009.

Over time, Arraras continues to be successful to interview a variety of styles including presidents, vocalists as well as others. She’s interviewed well-known Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin. She also interviewed Yolanda Saldivar who’s convicted of killing Selena Quintanilla-Perez.

Arraras continues to be an investigative reporter and writer at the same time. Her publications contain Selena’s Secret: The Revealing Story Behind her Terrible Passing that has been released first in Spanish. This publication describes her investigation of the events surrounding the departure of singer Selena Quintanilla. She’s written many published novels for kids too.

Arraras has been married twice. She’s two kids from her divorced husband, Manny Arvesu. Both of the other kids are Julian and Lara Giuiliana. Arraras is now single who presently lives in Miami with her three kids.

Arraras continues to be dating but not frequently. She had an affair together with her boyfriend named, Raul Quintana in 2010. They resided together for approximately 10 months and then divided after terrible events. The hot anchorman reported to be beaten by her boyfriend. She’s been a much revered journalist, an incredibly fair and warm girl that’s much adored in the Latin community. This is said by Mercedes Scott, editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan en Espanola. The editor also said the occasions together with her boyfriend will not be likely to belittle her standing. She’s never fired in her career.

Despite of having two kids, she’s perfect hot body measurements. We are able to see her in bikini in graphics and understand how beautiful she’s. Arraras could be located throughout the net in Facebook, twitter, Instagram. Nevertheless, her wages and net worth is unavailable everywhere.

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