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Margaret Cho Net Worth

Margaret Cho Net Worth

Margaret Chong net worth, wiki & biography:

Margaret Cho is an American based Korean fashion designer, screen writer, celebrity and a stand-up comedian with an estimated net worth of about $3 million dollars. Margaret is famous for her popular stand-up comedy style that revolves around disparaging political and societal problems, particularly the ones that relate to sexuality and race. She is also known for often supporting LGBT rights along with her humanitarian efforts that led to her winning of several awards on behalf of Asians, her LGBT community and girls.

Margaret Cho Net Worth $3 Million

As an actress, Margaret Cho has played numerous characters; like Charlene Lee in ‘ It Is my bash’ picture, and a colleague to John Travolta in “Face Off”. Cho has additionally managed to direct and appear in several music videos, also being involved in dressing several music stars throughout the shooting of the video. She also owns a clothes line which actively leads to her overall net worth.

She was raised up in a racially mixed up area in a family group of ex-druggies, as described by her. The same as most stand-up comedian, Cho additionally started by performing in a local nightclub that was found next to her parents’ bookstore. She launched her career by performing in clubs for quite a while, and her path to fame jumpstarted when she started to appear in university campuses’ shows and Television too. Her celebrity after floated to the roof when she was given a minor role to play in the ‘Golden Girls’ as well as the ‘ Golden place’ pictures in 1992. In 1994 she was given as the top female comedian in the ‘ American comedy Awards’.

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