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Mancow Muller Net Worth

Mancow Muller Net Worth

Matthew Erich Muller net worth, wiki & biography:

Mancow Muller the old-fashioned conspiracy theorist is the centre of History Channel’s breakout show God Guns & Automobiles. After bringing in nearly $2 million from appearing on Fox News, Glen Beck and Imus in The Morning as a political analyzer Muller looks just a little out of his component back home. His net worth today is $5 million. Mancow was born Erich Muller June 21, 1966 in Missouri. Mancow married Sandy Ferrando on Valentine’s Day in 2003. The couple had two daughters named Ava Grace and Isabella Sofia Muller collectively who observed them renew their vows for their tenth anniversary in 2013.

Mancow Muller Net Worth $10 Million

His long career in radio and broadcast start when he was a high school pupil. The high school got his first gig hosting an afternoon show at KOKO-AM in Warrensburg, Missouri. While attending Central Missouri State University the couple became the general manager of KLSI-FM in Kansas City. Then he took his career to San Francisco which was suddenly ended after he was prosecuted and sentenced to 3 years probation. The radio station was made to pay $1.5 million to settle a suit from a bridge commuter.

His long running show was associated with some suits and FCC infractions which ahs resulted in a huge upsurge of evaluations. Muller is well known for his fringe and extreme opinions including saying that “water boarding isn’t torture” and calling the head of the DNC in 2005 “vile” for his stand from the war in Iraq.

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