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Lyssa Chapman Net Worth

Lyssa Chapman Net Worth

Alyssa Chapman net worth, wiki & biography:

She’s known for her show with her dad, Duane Dog Chapmnan, Dog the Bounty Hunter, in A&E TV. Her daughter’s dad was 24 years old when she was pregnant for the very first time. She said that it had not been love, and she was was mistreated. He was 24 and she was only 14. She believed it was love and he only used her and made her pregnant. It was an unusual situation for her, but, she was happy that she got a daughter from that scenario. She failed to file a case against him. He was prosecuted by the state. She said the conditions of her first pregnancy had not been exactly like that of her second pregnancy. There’s no real evidence as whether Bo was the dad of the second kid or she became pregnant again with the relationship with the baby daddy before he got detained. Some sources say that she’s just two daughters and one is which Bo. Some sources say that she’s three kids, two out of wedlock and one to Bo. According to her buddy in Myspace, a man who had not been related to her first daughter proposed her on Valentine’s day and she accepted. She was his girlfriend for annually and they broke up. She subsequently wed Bo. She got married in 2009 and stopped her union in 2011. It was said that she was in an extremely violent relationship. Her husband violently assaulted her in private and also in front of others. She even ran to her papa’s house, which was on another side of the road for security from Bo. She failed to file for a divorce. He came back again and damage her. She kicked him again, but, again, he returned back to damage her. She got separated from him in 2011. She said that she failed to mention the violent relationship to her parents and the press because of two reasons. She believed that her dad would damage him and find yourself in jail and she didn’t need to make a huge news out of it. She even went for counselling to make the relationship work. The counsel asked her to file for separation. She was subsequently detained for violence and assaulting a police officer. There are not any signs regarding when she got officially separated from him.

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