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Lou Pizarro Net Worth

How rich is Lou Pizarro?

Lou Pizarro Net Worth:
$1.5 Million

Profession: Producer, Actor, Writer

Source: Wikipedia

American re-po man Lou Pizarro has an estimated net worth of $15 million in 2012. After moving to Florida, he began making company in the re-po industry. Through his re-po company, he could help plenty of people, especially members of his family who afterwards joined him in the company. Currently, he appears on Operation Repo. Essentially, the show features the reenactment of true repossession narratives with all the use of some fictitious names and actors. The show is now on its eighth season. After he was encouraged to produce a TV section,Repossessions in Los Angeles, he was inspired to become a filmmaker someday. In addition to Operation Repo, he also serves as the director, producer and originator of the hit television show titled Fugitivos De La Ley Los Angeles.

Lou Pizarro Net Worth $15 Million

Is Lou Pizarro's Net Worth Deserved?

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