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Linus Torvalds Net Worth

Linus Torvalds Net Worth

How rich is Linus Torvalds?

Linus Torvalds Net Worth:
$150 Million

Birth date: December 28, 1969
Birth place: Helsinki, Finland
Height:1.77 m
Profession: Programmer, Scientist, Software Engineer
Education: University of Helsinki (1988–1996)
Nationality: Finland
Spouse: Tove Torvalds
Children: Daniela Yolanda Torvalds, Patricia Miranda Torvalds, Celeste Amanda Torvalds
Parents: Anna Torvalds, Nils Torvalds
Awards: Millennium Technology Prize
Books: Just for Fun

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Linus Torvalds net worth, wiki & biography:

Finnish-American software engineer and hacker Linus Torvalds has as estimated net worth of $150 million and an estimated annual salary of $10 million. Linus earned his net worth as the principal force behind the creation of the Linux kernel. Linus held a place at Transmeta, Open Source Development Labs and Free Standards Group that later on merged and became the Linux Foundation. Linus then became the main architect of the Linux kernel and now acts as the project’s coordinator. He has additionally created the revision control system Git and also the diving log software Subsurface.

Linus Torvalds Net Worth $150 Million

Linus was named after Linus Pauling, the Nobel Prize-winning American chemist. However, in the novel Rebel Code: Linux as well as the Open Source Revolution, he stated that he was named equally for Linus the Peanuts cartoon character. He attended the University of Helsinki between 1988 and 1996.

Torvalds’ interest in computers started with a Commodore VIC-20. Torvalds then bought a Sinclair QL which he modified intensively notably with all the operating system. Torvalds programmed an assembly language and also a text editor as well as some games. Torvalds is also recognized to possess written a Pac-Man clone called Cool Man. Torvalds bought an Intel 80386-based IBM PC before receiving his MINIX copy that enabled him to begin work on Linux. Torvalds was given by NEC Corporation the C&C Prize in 2010 for his help in the advancement of the information technology industry.

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