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Lidia Bastianich Net Worth

Lidia Bastianich Net Worth

Lidia Bastianich net worth, wiki & biography:

Renowned for her show, “Lidia’s Italy in America”, Lidia Matticchio Bastianich is an American star chef, writer, television host and a restaurateur. She specializes in Italian-American cuisines and possesses many eateries in US in partnership with her children and ex husband. After their marriage, she and her husband started two restaurants in 1971 and 1973 in Queens. After the enormous success of the eateries, they needed to do something large and sold the eatery at Queens to start a restaurant in Manhattan in 1981. The eatery was a tremendous success and they made it an all-family business. But as they say, you must not combine family and company. The reasons for the divorce aren’t clear but it’s presumed the couple got divorced due to the difference in thoughts about company growth. After being successful within their restaurant company, Lidia Bastianich needed to enlarge her restaurant company but her husband had something else in mind. In 1993, when the successful eatery, Becco was started in Manhattan’s theater district by Lidia and her son Joseph, Felics Bastianich diversified in distinct places. He began his own travel agency which specialised in culinary tourism and began getting wineries in north Italy. After divorce, Felics remarried and transferred his shares available with their two kids and Lidia went back to Queens and stared residing with her mom, where she now resides. Lidia, since then, has concentrated on enlarging her restaurant company. As she had some previous experience on being on television, she caught the chance and now, she runsthe well-known television show, Lidia’s Italy in America. She was also among the judges of America’s MasterChef. The kids will also be successful in their own various areas. Their son, Joseph, followed his mother’s fire and today he could be a restaurateur, food writer, winemaker and a well-known television personality. He frequently comes to his mother’s show to offer wine expertise. Her daughter, Tanya, lives several blocks away from her mother’s house at Queens and has shares in the restaurants possessed by her mother, Lidia.

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