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Li Guoqiang Net Worth

Now, Li Guoqiang functions as the chief executive officer of Zhongsheng Group Holdings Limited, a China-based firm that focuses on automobile supply. In March 2010, the firm went public. The group is actively involved in selling high end autos in China which comprise Lexus, Audi, Toyota, Lamborghini, Volvo, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Honda and Porsche. Zhongsheng Group is currently recorded in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In 1998, the company started its first Nissan and Toyota dealerships. A year later, its Audi dealership was established. In 2002, its dealership in Shanghai opened. In 2005, its Honda and Lexus dealerships were launched. In exactly the same year, dealership in Guangdong officially started. Since 2009, Li Guoqiang has been working forChina Automobile Dealers Association as its deputy chairman.

Li Guoqiang Net Worth $1 Billion

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