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Lee Trevino Net Worth

Lee Trevino Net Worth

Lee Trevino net worth, wiki & biography:

Lee Trevino is a famous golfer, which profession has made him popular not only in America, but elsewhere on earth. Golfing has additionally become the primary source of Lee Trevino net worth, which now reaches as high as $40 million dollars. Lee Trevino is called a winner of six major tournaments of golfing. Lee Trevino is famous to be part Mexican, part American, and as such he’s considered as among the greatest icons to Mexican American individuals. Lee Trevino can also be understood by his two nicknames — Supermex and The Merry Mex.

The golfer was created in Dallas, Texas, in 1939. It had been his uncle who introduced little Lee Trevino to the sport of golf when he gave him some golf balls. Lee Trevino would normally sneak in a country club, that has been close to his house and where he trained without anybody knowing it. Little did he know at that point, golfing would become the largest source of his popularity and Lee Trevino net worth.

Lee Trevino Net Worth $40 Million

Afterwards, Lee Trevino got a job place at the Dallas Athletic Club, where he was hired to be a full time caddy. When Lee Trevino was 17 years old, he registered to the US Marine Corps. Then, he nevertheless continued to play this game. In 1990 in addition to 1992 Lee Trevino became a winner of the Arnold Palmer Award. In 1990, Lee Trevino was given together with the Rookie of the Year award. So, with all these winnings, Lee Trevino net worth additionally raised by a mile. Therefore, this participation has also added up lots of sales to the overall size of Lee Trevino net worth. So, sports continues to be the chief supply of his popularity and finances.

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