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Lauren Luna Vélez Net Worth

Lauren Vélez Net Worth

Lauren Vélez net worth, wiki & biography:

Velez always imagined becoming an actress, and her dreams became a reality once she got given with a scholarship by the well known Alvin Ailey Dance School. Lauren spent her youth in Brooklyn, Queens with her 7 sisters and one brother. Her twin sister Lorraine Velez is also an actress frequently working as Lauren’s double on sets. From an early age, both of these girls amused their family with performing and were consistently the first ones to use for places in the plays the school produced. The celebrity confessed that she’s considerably more ambitious than people give her credit for. Now the performer is giving all her focus on her stepdaughter and her profession. Along with that, Lauren spent rather a number of years examining Shakespeare with her fellow performer pal Michael Howard. Lauren Velez has lots of films and TV shows in her repertoire. She got her first leading part in television as Nina Moreno in the show called New York Undercover. She reprised a part of a policewoman. Exactly the same year was when she first appeared on film. Another show the performer is known for is HBO’s Oz. The performer also worked with star Al Pacino on the set of City Hall. Her latest performance worthy of a reference is that of a Maria LaGuerta, a police lieutenant on TV series Dexter. Lauren Velez has quite several distinct prizes and nominations. She won Independent Spirit Award for her part in I Like It Like That as a greatest female lead in 1994, ALMA Award in 2001 for being an excellent performer in TV series and additionally NAMIC Visions Award for her playing in Dexter, where she was recognized as the greatest performer in drama show. Among these awards, there are also about 8 distinct nominations for various characters she reprised throughout her career. Lauren considered to play in Scream 2 but never did. Funnily enough, it is possible to see her name appear on the special DVD where a movie in another movie called “Stab 2” is revealed. Shares her characters on two shows – Dexter and Oz with her fellow performers Erik King and David Zayas. Lauren had a great profession when it comes to distinct jobs and people she worked with. Nevertheless, it still looks like she’s lacking that one huge thing that everyone would understand her in. Who knows, perhaps she is going to seem on a very large job later on.

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