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Kim Tack-Jin Net Worth

Kim Tack-Jin Net Worth

How rich is Kim Tack-Jin?

Kim Tack-Jin Net Worth:
$1.1 Billion

Source: Wikipedia

Kim Tack-Jin is considered to be the founder of NCSoft, a successful video, on-line and mobile gaming business. He founded the South Korea-based company in 1997. A year after it was founded, the organization established its first game, Lineage. In June 2012, Kim Tack-Jin apparently sold 25% of his position at Nexon which earned him $685 million. Today, he still possesses about 10% of the organization ‘s stakes. NCSoft has subsidiary companies in U.S.A., Thailand, Japan, China, and England. Now, the business has 3,000 employees about.

Kim Tack-Jin Net Worth $930 Million

Is Kim Tack-Jin's Net Worth Deserved?

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