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Julian Assange Net Worth

Julian Assange Net Worth

Julian Assange net worth, wiki & biography:

Julian Assange Net Worth $1.3 Million

The co-founder and director of WikiLeaks, Julian Paul Assange comes with an estimated net worth of $1.3 million. Julian Assange reportedly made $1.3 million from composing an autobiography, according to Sunday Times.He additionally has a contract worth $800,000with Alfred A. Knopf, his American publisher, and received $522,000, from a British deal with Canongate. Julian Assange is the controversial public face of WikiLeaks, an international web site that provides whistleblowers an anonymous method to print sensitive documents. Assange was married at 18 and had a son before his own marriage broke up.

In 1991 he was arrested for computer hacking in Australia, finally pleading guilty to 25 counts, and getting off with a fine. Late in 2006, he helped found, a web site which describes itself as a “an anonymous international path for disseminating files the public should see. White haired, close and nomadic, Julian Assange has dwelt long periods in Australia, Kenya, Sweden, as well as other nations.

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