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Jordan Ozuna Net Worth

Jordan Ozuna Net Worth

How rich is Jordan Ozuna?

Jordan Ozuna Net Worth:
$50 Thousand

Source: Wikipedia

She recently made headlines after paparazzi and fans spotted Justin Bieber using the model for an indoor skydiving place in vegas. Her mom Kim Ozuna revealed that her daughter is married to some man named Daniel. Paparazzi and fans have been legally separated for more than annually. Her mom also mentioned paparazzi and fans are still attempting to work things out. How can Bieber feel about that?

Jordan Ozuna Net Worth $50,000

Jordan was born in Bethesda Maryland and was found at 18 while working at Hooters. Her mother started modeling for lingerie and men’s magazines. Two years ago her mother moved to vegas to furthur her profession.

Birthplace: Bethesda, Maryland
Birthday: January 4th, 1991
Profession: Vegas Night CLub model, Hooters server.

Is Jordan Ozuna's Net Worth Deserved?

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