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Jimmy Pop Net Worth

Jimmy Pop Net Worth

How rich is Jimmy Pop?

Jimmy Pop Net Worth:
$15 Million

Birth date: August 27, 1972
Birth place: Trappe, Pennsylvania, United States
Height:5 ft 7 in (1.72 m)
Profession: Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist, Lyricist, Composer, Rapper
Education: Temple University
Nationality: United States of America
Parents: Richard Lee Franks, Alice Ann Moyer
TV shows: Howard Stern on Demand

Jimmy Pop net worth, wiki & biography:

Jimmy Pop was created as James Moyer Franks, and is an American musician, vocalist and songwriter. He was born to the 27thof August, 1972 and is now 43 years old.

Jimmy isn’t the tallest of man, and he’s got a really typical stature. He stands about a 173 cm tall, which will be about 5 feet and 7 inches, not a great height to get a guy. He’s got an fit and with a latest recorded weight of about 65 kg, he’s never been fat in just about any period of his life. He’s a regular person in the fitness center and from those small shirtless images to be found on the media, it appears like he does not have a tat on his body. Jimmy is a good looking man , and it has got great physical characteristics. He’s got really short hair and sometimes wears cap on his head. His face that constantly carries a grin reveals positivity and self-confidence inside him. He’s got light blue coloured eyes, brownish hair , and it has got his ears pierced. Besides his health consciousness, it appears like he’s a habit of smoking, not really healthy there.

Having been in several contentious relationships, Jimmy has not got many details involving his relationship life. It appears like he hasn’t had lots of girlfriends and has also been accused of being sexually homosexual, with his relationships with men. Although he hasn’t come up with an amenable address or confirmation or refusal, still his private life is a issue of great interest to his fans and other individuals. He gets plenty of media interest, and so even the lowest occurrence is made up a huge occasion, which isn’t always appreciable. Jimmy hasn’t been wed till date; so there appear no question regarding his own wife, divorce or kids.

He’s also appeared in films along with a few TV shows like:CKY 4, Viva La Bam, The Dudesons, Minghags: The Film, Where The#$&% Is Santa? He’d also appeared in the video of Oleander’s tune “Boys Do Not Cry”.

Having made a fortune along with his music, Jimmy has got devotees from various nations. His tunes and acting have earned him a bundle of acclaim and fans, who follow him on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Not much is uncovered about his life although his biography was released in websites like IMDb and Wikipedia. He’s got an estimated net worth of about $15 million dollars.

Is Jimmy Pop's Net Worth Deserved?

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