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Jenna von Oy Net Worth

Jenna von Oy Net Worth

How rich is Jennifer Jean Von Oy?

Jennifer Jean Von Oy Net Worth:
$2 Million

Birth date: May 2, 1977
Birth place: Danbury, Connecticut, USA
Height:5' (1.52 m)
Profession: Actress
Education: University of Southern California, Newtown High School
Nationality: ‎American
Spouse: Brad Bratcher
Children: Gray Audrey Bratcher
Parents: Gloria von Oÿ, Frank von Oÿ
Movies: Lukewarm, An Extremely Goofy Movie, Dying to Belong, She Cried No, A Goofy Movie, Born on the Fourth of July
TV shows: The Parkers, Blossom

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Jennifer Jean Von Oy net worth, wiki & biography:

Jenna von Oy is an American celebrity and country music singer. She’s a net worth of $2 Million as on March 2012. Jenna was born on May 2nd 1977, in Stanford, Connecticut. Jenna’s wealth comes from performances such as the quick speaking Six LeMeure on Blossom, a sitcom which aired on the NBC network from 1991 to 1995, and in addition as Stevie Van Lowe on the UPN sitcom “The Parkers”. It’s been declared the overall approximation of Jenna Von Oy net worth is as high as $2 million dollars, according to recent calculations. So, her career in show business has made her quite popular and additionally added up to the total size of Jenna Von Oy net worth. Jenna Von Oy became known from her many TV appearances, mainly on the situation comedy called “Blossom”, where she got the part of Six LeMeure. So, her appearances with this show have added up to the total number of Jenna Von Oy net worth. Along with this show, she was also appearing on another show called “The Parkers”, where she got the part of Stevie Van Lowe.

Jenna von Oy Net Worth $2 Million

Jenna’s wonderful acting credits her in the movie “Born on the Fourth of July” in 1989. As a kid, she starred in regional stage productions and advertisements. She had guest appearances on “Kate & Allie” and “Tales from the Darkside”. The child is a co-actress to the CBS sitcom “Lenny”. Some other films where the child has acted are She Cried No, A Goofy Movie, Moesha, 7th Heaven and Unhappily Ever After. Jenna attended the University of Southern California for a couple of years. After that she left to chase her performing career. There, she was a pupil at Newtown High School. When she was a little girl, she was already thinking about acting. In those days, she was already appearing in a few stage plays in addition to TV advertisements. In 1986 she debuted as a TV performer when she appeared in the ABC production of “Weekend Special”. Jenna Von Oy also appeared on the situation comedy on CBS called “Lenny”.

Before she began her career in playing, Jenna Von Oy was studying in the University of Southern California, where she remained for a couple of years. Nevertheless, after those two years, she chose to discontinue her studies as she desired to get involved into playing, which finally became the primary source of Jenna Von Oy net worth.
Jenna Von Oy is also called a voice actress. Therefore, she’s appeared on the animated show called “Pepper Ann”, where she got the part of Trinket St. Blaire. In 2005 Jenna Von Oy appeared in a film made for TV called “Marsha Potter Gets a Life”. In exactly the same year, she appeared in a single episode of the TV show called “Cold Case”.

In 2005, Oy starred in the television film “Marsha Potter Gets a Life”. She’s also appeared as a guest on an episode of Cold Case. Jenna dubbed for Stacey in “A Goofy Movie” in 1995 along with the voice of Gracie in the direct-to-DVD film “Dr. Dolittle 3” in 2006. The American actress released a demo compact disc in June of 2000. The American actress’ debut record “Breathing Room” was released in September 2007. She’s been wed to computer data consultant Brad Brarcher since October 2010. They’ve a baby girl together.

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