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Jason Voorhees Net Worth

He first appeared in Friday the 13th (1980) as the youthful son of camp cook-turned-killer, Mrs. Voorhees, in which Ari Lehman impersonated him. The character has later been symbolized in various other media, including novels, comic books, as well as a crossover movie with a different iconic horror movie character, Freddy Krueger. Sadly, the detail about his net worth and yearly wages still lies in disguise from his devotees all around the globe.

It is often said the character has mostly been an antagonist in the movies, whether by stalking and killing the other characters, or acting as a mental danger to the protagonist, as is the situation in Friday the 13th: A Fresh Start. Since Lehman’s portrayal, numerous celebrities and stuntmen have symbolized the character, occasionally by over one at a time; this has caused some controversy regarding who should receive credit for the portrayal.

The character’s physical look has gone through many transformations, with various special make-up effects artists making their mark on the character’s layout, including makeup artist Stan Winston. Tom Savini’s first layout has been the foundation for a lot of the later incarnations. The brand ice hockey goalie mask didn’t appear until Friday the 13th Part III. He’s been viewed as a sympathetic character, whose motivation for killing was mentioned as being driven by the wrong activities of his victims and his own fury over having drowned as a kid.

Several toy lines are released according to various variants of the character from the Friday the 13th movies. Jason Voorhees’s ice hockey mask is a broadly accepted picture in popular culture.

Is Jason Voorhees's Net Worth Deserved?

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