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Ian Beale Net Worth

Ian is the longest functioning character along with the sole character that stayed initial having appeared constantly since its first episode that has been aired on 19th February of the year 1985.

Ian, as a teen, discusses along with his dad on the urge for becoming a caterer. But his grandma supports him. He begins several of the company and later purchases a local cafe after graduating in the catering school. She subsequently weds Ian and asserts the infant, a son in her uterus is of Ian.After their wedding, they both make up and Beale overjoyed for becoming the father of the twins. Afterwards, his wife Cindy made a decision to leave Ian and Ian wins the guardianship of the kids. Cindy subsequently hires the hitman to kill Ian but the shot is cut by bullet and recuperates. Afterwards, Cindy is jailed and she expires after several months in the penitentiary.

Next, Ian has serious love affair with Melanie Healy but she cheats him with Steve Owen. After imagining that she’s about to leave him, he controls Melanie by claiming his daughter, Lucy is perishing in the Lymphoma. Due to this, they wed in 1999 but afterwards she leaves him during the wedding reception after she finds that Ian was lying about Lucy. The character also offers relationship with Laura Dunn who’s his nanny.

More details about biography of the character Ian are available in Wikipedia as well as other internet sites.

Is Ian Beale's Net Worth Deserved?

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