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Hugh Douglas Net Worth

Hugh Douglas Net Worth

How rich is Hugh Douglas?

Hugh Douglas Net Worth:
$10 Million

Birth date: August 23, 1971
Death date: 1455
Birth place: Mansfield, Ohio, United States
Height:1.87 m
Weight:128 kg
Profession: American football defensive end
Education: Central State University
Nationality: American
Spouse: Simona Douglas
Siblings: Kayla Rachelle, Brianna Syann
Awards: NFL Honors - AP Defensive Rookie of the Year
Movies: The Lonely Guy
TV shows: Ballers

Source: Wikipedia

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Hugh Douglas net worth, wiki & biography:

Hugh Lamont Douglas was an American football player as well as worked as a football analyst for ESPN network. He worked for two years on ESPN as NFL analyzer and got fired in 2013 for using racist languages and for an altercation with his co-worker Michael Smith. She divorced him stopping his union life. The married life finished in only one year. He also consented to pay 14 thousand dollars as child support. The primary reason behind the separation isn’t understood. There were no details about any issues that appeared during the parting resolution. Whether he married that girl or not is still a question. Lately, he was seen a lot with a fresh girl. By the end of 2013, she reported that Hugh caught her by her throat in a hall, slammed her into the walls and taken her to the room. He paid a bond of 50 thousand dollars to get released from your penitentiary. Her name isn’t known for certain. Some say he is wed to 42 years old Brown. Or, is she’s his new girl? There are not any specific reports of who she actually is. His second married life with Simona additionally finished due to unknown reason. There are not any details about the resolution of separation, partner support and the child support info. Many say the new girl will not look like Simona. Therefore, it’s a fresh girl he got. His net worth is about 10 million dollars. They got into a little argument after drinking in a resort and he caught her by her neck and pulled her to his room. She said that she passed out and woke up the following day with head ache and harms in the neck and a serious lump on her head. But, he was unable to describe the lump on her head. He said that he failed to consent to pay her for her breast enhancement which is why she’s falsely accusing him. He was arrested for third degree assault. His relationship with his partners wasn’t really smooth after the separation. His relationship with his children isn’t shared with the media. All we understand is that he’s an extremely disturbed and two unsuccessful marital relationships.

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