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Gordon Moore Net Worth

Gordon Moore Net Worth

Gordon Moore net worth, wiki & biography:

The Intel cofounder and former CEO now focusing on philanthropy; handed over $6 billion in stock to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in 2000. The foundation targets science, environmental conservation and nursing education. The final category was the brainchild of Moore’s wife’s Betty, who once received the wrong injection from a nurse in the hospital.

Gordon Moore Net Worth $4 Billion

Latest endeavor: greatest donor to construction of the whole world’s biggest telescope, known as the Thirty Meter Telescope, in his part time resident state of Hawaii. Has contributed $50 million to layouts and pledged $200 million for the telescope’s construction. Chairman emeritus of Intel studied chemistry at UC Berkeley, earned Ph.D. in chemistry and physics from Caltech. Chief exec until 1987. Four decades ago came up with Moore’s Law: computing power will double every 18 months (later updated to 2 years).

Contributions: $6.8 billion
Education: PHD, California Institute of Technology; BA/BS, University of California Berkeley
Marital Status: Married , Children: 2

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