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The Game Net Worth

The Game Net Worth

After selling numerous records and going on world tours The Game net worth is $8 million. When he was 26 years old he dropped his first record the Documentary which sold over 5 million copies world-wide. He grew up in a low income part of Compton. Encompassed by violence, drugs and a slue of gangs. It turned out to be a lifestyle the could not escape. His parents were also greatly involved with offense while they were part of the crips. Growing up he’d even seen them prepare for drive by shootings. His brother was was gunned down in a gas station in age 15 and his sister was raped by his dad. Jaceyon was set into foster care when he was 7 and at 15 he could go back home to his mother.

The Game Net Worth $22 Million

While healing after his gunshots his older brother Big Fase would become his savior presenting him to a number of classic hip hop records. Jaceyon felt inspired and started studying the lyrics and creating music of his own. Beneath the stage name Game that has been coined by his grandma because he was “match” for anything, he started rapping on a label his brother founded. The Game was finally signed to Aftermath thanks to CEO Jimmy Lovine. Following the launch of his multi platinum debut The Documentary he along with his mentor and musical confidant 50 Cent had a falling out. 50 claims he composed several tracks in the record which he did not get credit for. The Game denied the claims. They were involved with an extended feud. Because 50 was the label’s bread winner The Game was dropped immediately.

It appeared The Game would turn out distinct from his dysfunctional family. After graduating he was honored having the full tuition scholarship to Washington State University. Sadly he was afterwards expelled as a result of drug possession which sent him back home where he got heavily involved with gang life and began selling drugs out his mother’s house. One night within a negative trade he was shot five times which set him in a three day coma.

His first son met Primary school teacher Tiffney Cambridge at a party in California. On their very first date she describes his first son as being nervous and unsure. She got her masters from USC, Tiffney was distinct from any girl the Game had formerly been with. In April 2007 Tiffney gave birth for their son King Justice. Now he’s discovered the equilibrium he is been searching for with his family, fiancee and music profession. He and Tiffney additionally had a daughter Cali Dream Taylor.

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