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Fred Phelps Net Worth

Fred Phelps Net Worth

Fred Phelps founded among the very most contentious churches in the previous century. For nearly every news story the church members have already been outspoken about their views. Most recently Westboro leaders and members picketed the late Paul Walker’s funeral mentioning he is in hell for deciding to worship money, recognition, and excess through god.

Fred Phelps Net Worth $10 Million

The church has went after pretty much everyone with their conventional perspectives on homosexuality at the same time. Phelps was also quite outspoken regarding the Laramie job, a play concerning the life and death of hate crime victim Matthew Shepard.

Fred Phelps has direct his church in a over 100 demonstration, protests since 1991. Critics have seen Phelp’s and his church’s position on public problems to be publicity stunts. It’s undoubtedly worked, if that’s true. The church has a big membership and receives numerous contributions from rich donors. One church member asserted the church spends over $250,000 a year on demonstration and picketing. The church has received cash from suits and legal fees. In one case wealthy donors sued the city of Topeka several times in the 1990s.

Fred Phelps Sr’s departure has caused only as much uproar as his life. Satanist have come out as well as said “God will turn Phelps homosexual when he dies”. Ouch!!!

It appears all the turmoil the church has caused expressing their views have backfired. In 2007 members of Westboro Baptist Church were sued to get a protest they held within a homosexual Marine’s funeral. The church believed the departure of soldiers in the Iraqi war were punishment for the service’s approval of homosexuality. The family of the honest Marine was given $11 million from a jury that found the leaders of the fundamentalist church had intruded on the family’s secrecy and caused mental distress. The government had also taken violation to the group’s continuous demonstration and created several bills in a variety of states including Indiana, to forbid demonstration at funerals called “Let Them Rest Bill” which could take as many as 36 months in penitentiary.

The play of Westboro and Phelps was an even larger narrative inside the church. In August 2013, Fred Phelps was excommunicated in the Westboro Baptist Church after recommending a kinder strategy between church members. The excommunication happened following the creation of a board of male elders in the church. The board had conquered Shirley Phelps-Roper, the church’s longtime spokeswoman, in a power battle. After Phelps was voted from Westboro Baptist Church this past summer, he was moved from the church and right into a home, where he was observed to ensure he wouldn’t hurt himself.

In 2014 Fred Phelps expired of natural causes and his daughter Shirley a former representative for the church says his funeral isn’t going to be held there because Westboro doesn’t have confidence in funerals.

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