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Dick Cheney Net Worth

Dick Cheney Net Worth

Dick Cheney net worth, wiki & biography:

Dick Cheney net worth has been estimated to reach 90 million dollars. Thus, it makes him one of the richest people in the political industry. To the public, Dick Cheney is known as the 46th Vice President of the United States. He served for the United States between the years 2001 and 2009. He served under the former president of the United States George W. Bush. Although he is known as the member of the Republican party, Dick Cheney net worth is considered to come from his involvement into the private sector. Dick Cheney grew up in Casper and attended Yale University and also the University of Wyoming.

Dick Cheney Net Worth $90 Million

His first official job was related to politics. Dick Cheney got a position to work at the White House where he worked during the Nixon and Ford administrations. Later, he was chosen to serve as a representative of Wyoming in the House of the United States Representatives for six terms. Between the years 1995-2000, instead of being a well-known politician, Dick Cheney decided to get involved into private sector. Thus, he became the CEO of the oilfield industry called “Halliburton”. Therefore, it is known that this company is the main source of Dick Cheney net worth. However, in 2000 Dick Cheney decided to leave “Halliburton” and got 20 million dollars for his retirement, which increased his net worth a lot. He decided to retire because Dick Cheney was elected to hold the position as a Vice President under Bush administration. Moreover, Dick Cheney is considered to be the most influential Vice President of all time. This is due to his work in the political sector.

Dick Cheney was the one who influenced the policy which was active in the White House. To be more specific, he did some major changes in the foreign policies area, also in environmental policy and the treatment of war prisoners. Thus, he changed the major sectors in the White House policies. When Bush administration ended, Dick Cheney left his office too. He is living in Wyoming and also in the Eastern Part of Maryland right now. Dick Cheney whose full name is Richard Bruce Cheney was born in 1941. He is known not only as a politician but also as a very successful business man, which apparently makes the bigger part of Dick Cheney net worth. In 2011, Dick Cheney wrote a book called “In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir” which he wrote together with his wife and which also added some extra money to the overall net worth of the politician.

Is Dick Cheney's Net Worth Deserved?

  • Tyrone

    Why did NO ONE investigate him in connection with the Iraq war, his association with Halliburton and the NO bid contract they got from the government( a billion dollars a day)

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