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Dianna Agron Net Worth

Dianna Agron Net Worth

Dianna Agron net worth, wiki & biography:

Dianna Agron Net Worth $25 Million

Dianna Agron is a US singer, dancer and actress and has a net worth of $2.5 Million. She was born in Georgia and brought up in Texas. Agron started dancing in the first age of three and began to teach dance in her early adolescents. She wasn’t so popular during her school days although she had many friends who liked her business.

Agron has acquired three’s wealth in the various TV shows and small film appearances. She has performed in several TV shows like CSI: NY, Shark, Numb3rs and Close to Home, and kept on having recurring characters in Veronica Mars. In the short film, It’s a Mall World, Agron appeared as Harper and also in the 2nd season of the TV series Heroes as the head cheerleader. She’s also been one of the hosts to the music festival named Chickens in Love. Agron was among the many Hollywood stars, who were the face of the Wal-Mart’s Ocean Pacific’s marketing campaign. This campaign was started in each of the leading fashion magazines of the US such as the Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Elle. Her most famous role till date which has made her a popular face has become the character of Quinn Fabray as a cheerleader for Glee.

Elle has always kept seclusion about her personal life. In a interview to the Cosmopolitan Magazine, Agron said that when Elle’s dad was discovered with multiple sclerosis, it was the worst period of her life. Her parents chose to stay apart as a result of this disorder. It was then that Agron at an early age of 15 played the matured role of a woman in keeping his family together in their moments of disaster.

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