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Demaryius Thomas Net Worth

How rich is Demaryius Antwon Thomas?

Demaryius Antwon Thomas Net Worth:
$9.5 Million

Birth date: December 25, 1987
Birth place: Montrose, Georgia, USA
Height:6' 3" (1.91 m)
Profession: American football wide receiver
Education: Georgia Institute of Technology
Nationality: American
Parents: Bobby Thomas, Katina Smith
Siblings: Tyeshia Smith, Tonecia Smith

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Demaryius Antwon Thomas net worth, wiki & biography:

A shy and introvert kid, Thomas attended the West Laurens High School, Dexter, GA. He’s been a wide receiver football player since that time. By the end of high school, with his A match he could get reasonable positions on (22nd) and (34th) and was also capable to gather scholarship offers from Georgia Tech, Duke and Georgia. Thomas picked Georgia Institute of Technology in the year 2006 for his next efforts; yet, he came to activity with his match in the year 2007. During this time he was identified by the Sporting News in its freshman All Atlantic Conference with the All America honorable mention. This rookie season brought him harms in addition to acknowledgement for 2nd most grabs in the history of the franchise. His 2011 season finished with 4 touchdowns and 32 receptions for 551 yards plus some serious harms which hindered his play. For the season of 2012, Thomas made lots of attempts to get fit so that you can involve with the training sessions and eventually he could make it. With his beautiful game he could impress, such that he entered his first Pro Bowl and after that again in the season of 2013. In 2013 Thomas additionally reached a position in the All-Pro team of the Associated Press. On March 3, 2015, on the end of five year period with the Denver Broncos, Thomas was tagged by the same for 12.823 million USD. Afterwards, on July 15, 2015 they prolonged the contract for a period of five years compensating him with $70 million. The year 2015 can also be proving to be a fine one for the player, as his preceding. Demaryius Thomass achievements in the match happen to be in amounts and he’s surpassed a couple of previous records in the history of the franchise. Brittany Lohberg, a junior in school is a diehard devotee of Thomas and needs to be his girlfriend, as mentioned by some sites. Thomas also got entangled with some legal issues, when a girl satisfied him and fellow player Perrish Cox for battery, conspiracy and neglect and Cox additionally for rape charges. Nevertheless, Thomas came out clean in the charges, and he also presented his dialogue with Cox at the night of the function. Thomas is a God fearing man and accurate believer of Christianity, that is also apparent from his twitter posts which occasionally contain posts about religion and God. He also adorns a tat of Jesus Christ on his left arm with the inscription ‘Jesus Saves.

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